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Btctorrent is all about staying in close contact with our clients. You can have a chat with out representative (when it becomes available), you can send an inquiry directly to our support team [email protected] or you can contact us using our Support Form & describe your issue that you need to get resolved.

We will be happy to assist you in any way we can, because we believe that it’s a joint effort that makes the process go smoothly & mutually beneficial for each party.

Prior to submitting your support request, we kindly ask you to carefully look through our Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section of the website to find out if your inquiry may have been already addressed. We have covered all main topics there, but, of course, you may have other inquiries as well.

In case if your question was not covered in our FAQ section, feel free to contact us at any given time and with any question, using the form below. Our support team will try to reply as soon as possible, providing an exceptional service.

Please, do NOT send your promotion/sales messages to the support address! These will be ignored. Our support will answer only requested related to our user accounts.

If you want to reach our Marketing team, please, use this direct contact e-mail instead [email protected] and they will be happy to deal with any proposals/suggestions that you might have to further promote Btctorrent & its services.

Depending on the current workload of our support team you may expect to receive the reply within 2-12 business hours.


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